Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moved Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer site..!

I recently migrated my 4800 member six year old Ning social network for mountain dulcimer musicians onto a NEW platform site that I now fully own and control myself. All members and content were imported from my Ning network into my new Jamroom social networking Platform using Jamroom's special ning import tools. My new Jamroom site is now located at: and it went LIVE on June 15, 2015 and it's terrific! 
I could not be more pleased, and I'm so relieved to have escaped from the neglected older software platform. I wanted to give a sampling of screenshots that show the night-and-day differences between my old dated Ning site and my new modern responsive site. I hope this gives a sense of the vast improvement all my members and I are now enjoying every day in our new online home. Here is a direct link to my web album of screenshots that you can enlarge there to see details:  Comparing old and new dulcimer site
All who love the Appalachian dulcimer are welcome here, no matter what your style, ability, or tastes. Beginner players are especially encouraged. Become a member of Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer (FOTMD) online community -it's easy and FREE! Join Groups that interest you, 'follow' your friends and favorite discussions, add your own photos, music clips, and videos, read or start Forum discussions, ask beginner questions and learn to play your favorite tunes!  
So don't be shy- you've come to the right place to receive or give friendly free help and encouragement in playing music. On we all learn from each other, as friends. Join our 'block party'! -Strumelia


  1. i am interested in taking lessons! do you only teach online?

    1. Colleen it depends- where are you located?

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