Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer

Yesterday I created a new online community just for mountain dulcimer players. It's called "Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer", and is located here:
Join us as a member of Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer online community (it's easy and it's all absolutely free), then go to the "My Page" link at top and start customizing your very own personal dulcimer webpage home. You can join or start a group, add friends to your friends list, start discussions, ask questions, add your own photo albums or videos, arrange a chat time, and start your very own dulcimer BLOG journal where you can record your personal dulcimer journey and express yourself. It's EASY!
Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer is for ALL levels of players and for ALL styles of dulcimer playing. And it's a place where both beginners and longtime players can feel right at home in asking questions and getting encouragement and inspiration. It's your place, where you can easily create a unique dulcimer page that truly reflects who you are.

We're having a regular dulcimer 'block party' there- come join the fun and make new dulcimer friends!

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