Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: Tips for beginners- Sugar Hill -part two

You can find the TAB to this old-time song earlier in this blog, HERE.
Beginner video #5. Starting to play the song Sugar Hill and incorporating some strum patterns and a slide.


  1. Thank you so much for posting your instructional videos! They are vert helpful, to me to be able to see how you are strumming, and understand the nuances like the slide and hammer-on. Please keep them coming! Sometime soon I may be able to sound like you do (at your slowest example, of course!)
    Vicki Klein

  2. OK, a little too much confidence. A little practice showed me it will definitely be a while.

    I do have a question: How do you decide, if you are playing by ear, where to put the upstrokes?
    Vicki Klein

  3. Anonymous- good question!
    I think that soon I will make a little video just about that very question.
    Let me get through some other parts of Sugar Hill first though.
    Thanks for the excellent suggestion!

  4. Thank you for hanging with the drone and noter traditional style playing.

    I can no longer finger chords etc due to disablity and it is great to see someone taking their time and helping a beginner out.

    I sure am finding out fast how strumming is not as easy as it looks :)