Thursday, October 21, 2010

Limberjacks Part Two

I've gotten several more interesting limberjacks since my "Limber Jack Part One" post of last year (2009).
I recently got some animal limberjacks from MaryLee Sunseri...a horse, a dog, and a frog.  I'm working on singing some old fashioned children's folk songs while they dance.  This will take some practice!
The limberjacks from MaryLee came as unpainted wood. I'm painting them for fun.
So far I've finished painting the frog. Here is a before and after picture of 'Mr.Froggie'... and he's eager to go a' courtin' for Miss Mousie now!  ;)
Froggie before painting

Mr. Froggie painted


  1. Froggie is cute - why is he not smiling Though/ To the point is it hard to play these instruments? If I am looking to buy one, never having played any instrument afore, what should I look for?

  2. Hi Bees... if you look at my Limberjack post #1, you'll find a link to Keith Young's hand made walnut man limberjacks- I've not found any that dance as well as this one!
    In this post, the link to MaryLee- I think her dog and horse limberjacks dance quite well!
    I'ts not 'hard' to make them dance, but making them dance in rhythm to music is something you get better at with practice. But just for using for kid's entertainment is pretty easy, if you are singing or just playing to informal fun music. :)

  3. This might not be the best place to post this comment, but I wanted to tell you that I have been debating spending some hard-earned money on a dulcimer and trying to learn to play it (I have NEVER played an instrument in my life). I've spent several weeks researching online and watched many of your videos and I just placed an order for a beginners' mountain dulcimer kit from Bill Berg. I think your videos encouraged me towards this end more than anything else. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and advise with everyone. I can't wait to get my dulcimer and start applying what you are teaching.

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  5. Awesome. I will go sign up there and check it out now. I already signed up with and have been bugging the folks on their forum for a week now.