Sunday, September 19, 2010

4 Videos... Go Tell Aunt Rhodie Redux

I sat down yesterday and wanted to do a simple video about playing perhaps the most classic beginner mountain dulcimer tune known to man- Go Tell Aunt Rhody. What emerged instead was a four video min-series taking Rhody from the very start all the way to showing how to sing the melody while playing the harmony, with general beginner advice sprinkled into the mix.
If you are following this, then please do go read my first post featuring Aunt Rhody, from February 2009, HERE, and click on the tab I provided there for free. If you click on the picture of the TAB, it will enlarge to a nice size that you can then print out and use for your own practice purposes.
Then you can follow along with each of these four videos in sequence- videos #10-13, otherwise known as 'Rhody1-4'. I hope they are helpful to you!:

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  1. Strumelia,
    Wonderful videos! Of greatest help to me is #4 on playing and singing. I've not tried it much yet would like to become okay at doing both. I'm too self-conscious about making noise with my voice-- when will I learn that everything's not about me? :-)
    Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Learned a lot!!! thank you for all the education that you are providing.

  3. I love love love your take on give us all 'permission' to just go ahead and do it just like in the old days!!! Thanks!!! Cheryl

  4. You are an excellent teacher. I saw someone play a dulcimer on the front porch of one of Lincoln's log cabins in New Salem, Il and fell it love with it. Just got my dulcimer off Craigslist and you are such a wonderful help to beginners. Hope you keep up these videos and explain even harder songs. Keep up the good work! Joy Black

  5. What a great series Lisa! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all who desire to learn! I appreciate your generous spirit! Everything you explained was very helpful.