Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Video: Tips for beginners- STRUMMING

Here's a very quick video I recorded so beginners could practice a basic starting strum rhythm and strumming directions. I hope it's helpful to some folks.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this video!

    I have never played an instrument. Last month I received some items from my father's estate, and among them was a mountain dulcimer that had hung on the wall in his home in the Ozarks. I thought it would be nice to learn how to play it, and when I examined it, I discovered that he had actually made it in 1976. Now I am even more determined to play it.

    Since I have not seen too much interest in this instrument where I live in Northern California, I checked the internet to see if I could find some instruction. I did find a nice starting tutorial at YouTube which helped with the basics of how the instrument is played with the drones, but still did not understand the strumming.

    The video you posted yesterday was so helpful! I can see that it is going to take some practice, but the rhythm you suggest makes sense. Please keep posting!

    I started reading some of your beginning posts, too. I am interested to read more, but you have been prolific; it will take a while for me to get up to date, I think. ;-)

    Thanks again,
    Vicki K.