Thursday, April 16, 2009

Single Girl, Married Girl

Here is a fairly simple and fun song for beginners in DAA ionian tuning. I am dedicating this TAB to Kelly, a lady who is, as I write, just beginning to play mountain dulcimer in traditional noter style, much to the delight of her adoring husband. Kelly, I assume your married life is more fun than the one described in this song. If not, then follow the example of the lady in the picture above!
This TAB version of "Single Girl, Married Girl" is mostly inspired by the well known Carter Family recording of it. However, I have evened out the parts where... they eliminate or add a couple of beats, simply to make it a little easier for beginners to follow. It still remains quirky and interesting enough, what with the repeated last line of each verse. If you ever get really good at this one, you can always go back to the funky Carter Family timing, which is even better.

I have always loved this song! You can hear a snippet of the Carter Family's version here on Amazon, (or download the whole MP3 of the tune there for 99 cents).

If you find yourself feeling like the poor married girl in this song, then go jump on your bike or buy yourself a new dress immediately!


  1. I like how some themes seem universal...
    I've heard several "poorly-married girl" ballads in the French traditional repertoire too.

    Thinking of that: here's "Conseils aux Filles" (Advices for the girls"), played by luthier Christophe Toussaint on one of his épinette:

  2. Thank you, that was a marvelous clip!
    Shows how varied our fretted zithers can be. And I love hearing French.

  3. And how about this:

    Looks kind of familiar to me!