Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why is it?

Ok, so why is it?....

...that when i was just starting out, played gently, and was so afraid of breaking a string, I would break strings about three times as often as I do now? I don't get that.

...that I never seem to be in right key when a playing session starts?- you'd think the odds would favor already being in the right key at least sometimes!...

...that I tend to bring my dulcimer to larger gatherings since I figure there'll be more than enough banjo players already there...but then every session has at least two loud banjos and I can't hear my dulcimer at all then and wish I had brought my banjo so I could at least hear what I'm playing?

...that as soon as I put my dulcimer away and take my banjo out, they start playing all my favorite dulcimer tunes? (and vice versa)

...that I seem to be able to remember how to play a fiddle tune ok, but can never remember it's name?

...that people seem to think that dulcimer players can only play in the key of D? (well actually we do know why, don't we?- but let's pretend we can't imagine why anyone would think such a thing!)

Wish I had time for a longer post, but I've been extra busy and now I'm too sleepy and just want to go to bed!


  1. I also cannot remember fiddle tune names. I figured out the reason is that they do not *mean* anything, and are interchangable from one song to another. Take "Drowsy Maggie" for instance; doesn't sound to drowsy to me. "Road to Boston" has nothing to do with US Rt 1. You get the picture... As for the other problems, you have probably not been sacrificing to the gods often enough. Get yourself some doves, or an unblemished sheep, or a young virgin. Note that the young virgin requires accessories, such as a volcano or a dragon. If neither can be found in your neighborhood, you're stuck with the doves & sheep.

  2. Steve, I found some turtle doves for you in the next post. Should I make them into "wring-necked" doves? =8-O